What we do

CU Technology Management can help with Mac and PC systems and peripherals, wired and wireless networking, internet connection, security, basic training, general hardware and software support.

Over 20 Years Experience

Over twenty years of hands-on expertise with businesses of all sizes from self-employed freelancers to large corporations provides the experience to support the systems you have now and make informed recommendations for how you can improve them.


Independent IT Consultancy

CU Technology Management does not sell computers, peripherals, software or internet services. We provide you with impartial, expert advice to help you determine what equipment you may need in the future to achieve your business goals. Not only will we identify the exact products you need to purchase, but we can also help to source them from the best suppliers and manage the whole procurement process to ensure you get exactly what you need at the best price.


Friendly Consultants who Speak Your Language

Naturally, we know all the technical jargon required to get what you want from IT equipment suppliers, but we are also fluent in plain English. Having worked in creative environments for many years we are familiar with much of your terminology too.


Small Business Specialists

We understand the needs of small businesses and can find appropriate solutions that fit your organisation. We won’t saddle you with an expensive white elephant aimed at large enterprises nor will we try to push something designed for home use beyond its capabilities.

Bespoke Database Development

We are a certified FileMaker Developer and have developed bespoke solutions for cataloging, marketing, contact management and sales. If you need or already have a database you need developing, we can help.

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