Bespoke Databases

Bespoke Database Development

Do you wish your database was better customised to meet your business needs?

Have you outgrown your Excel spreadsheet or are struggling with a Microsoft Access database?


We can help

Using FileMaker databases, we can build a made-to-measure solution to fit your business needs. With web accessibility and mobile versions for iPhone and iPad, you can be linked in to the core of your business from anywhere with a phone signal.

At CUTM we have years of database development experience. We take great care during our consultation to talk to users of all job roles and understand your business processes. This enables us to draw up a proposal and discuss the database model with you before we start building your solution.

FileMaker is very scalable and can support from 1 to 999 users, enabling your business to grow without limitations: A single FileMaker database can hold 8 terabytes of information, compared to only 2 gigabytes of an Access database. FileMaker is cross-platform, running on Mac OS and Windows, iPhone and iPad.

We can visit you for a free consultation to discuss your requirements.

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